raise/invest $1,000,000 dollars

Raise/Invest $1,000,000 Dollars

Our first goal is to receive donations over time and reach $1,000,000 dollars, these funds will be deposited into a bank trust in the name of our 501 c3 (Freedom Fate, Inc. ) until the total amount is reached. We then use these funds to purchase bank owned distressed properties, anywhere from a single family home up to a four family residence.

Once the properties are acquired, renovated and furnished, they are then ready for occupancy by our homeless veterans. Simultaneously we process numerous applications to obtain assistance to help these veterans with housing programs such as ours, (Federal/State grants: Federal/State direct: Foundations)

After investing the initial $1,000,000 million dollars into the aforesaid properties our equity in said properties will be approx. $1,500,000. Which we will borrow up to 75% from a bank of our choice and reinvest the money in additional single family properties continuing the program. Some of the money will be used for seed capital to build our special Veteran ALF facilities. (Please note: Borrow $10 Million build VetAlf)

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