borrow $10,000,000

Borrow $10,000,000

Most of our members of Freedom Fate are retired executives and a high percentage were involved in the construction business. The building concept for our VetALF is called EPS construction. It is a monolithic type construction that is hurricane proof, earthquake proof, fireproof, rodent and termite proof (No wood) and the system is built faster and under budget. (Please click here for actual video demo)

Because of our cause the land will be donated by willing county’s that agree with our cause and welcome a “Green” type of building concept. (Concrete and Steel)
Plans and engineering are done without cost, all donated to our cause.
Construction personnel is a combination of volunteers and veterans we help or hire full time.

Only six Veteran based ALF’s exist in Florida, they house approx. 800 veterans, the waiting list is miles deep and years…. The demand is so great that we can build 10,000 beds and we still would not have enough.

Our sister site is WWW.VETPENSIONS.ORG and through these Veteran Pension Programs, such as a 65 year old veteran receives $1400. per month, and the other program is called: A&A (Aid & Attendance) receives $1900 per month.
These pension programs covers the ongoing costs to run the VetALF.

Our combing Charity and Capitalism is the first in the country, we welcome you to join with us and pledge some help…. Let’s build together…

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